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Shumua Al Amal for special education and rehabilitation

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One of the largest complex that provide services to people with disabilities in the Middle East, it was inaugurated in 2007 AD and owned by Shumua Al-Amal Company for Special Education and Rehabilitation, which is the first company specialized in special education and rehabilitation.


   Our activities

Technical Support Services 

The Shumu Al-Amal Complex offers a range of technical support services according to the needs of the cases, and these services includes: psychological rehabilitation and behavior modification, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psycho motor rehabilitation, special education, as it is based on providing these services a group of specialists who undertakes Evaluate the situation and then Develop the appropriate individual plan for it

Trainings & Educations  

Shumu 'Al-Amal Complex provides a comprehensive evaluation service for cases willing to join the complex or whoever desires to do so, as a multidisciplinary team conducts appropriate assessments for each of them according to their specialization and then comes out with an accurate diagnosis of the case and gives to families a detailed report on the case

Assessment & Evaluation

The Shumua Al-Amal Complex provides education , rehabilitation and training services to those who enrolled in it, from various levels of disability ( simple, medium, severe) where performance level are determined for cases and then individual educational plans are prepared for each specific case to be suitable their capabilities and specialties.

Individual Therapy Section

Shumua Al-Amal complex provides individual sessions service for cases that need one or more of the following services (Behavior modification, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psycho motor  rehabilitation) without full enrollment in the complex, where an individual program is set for this case in light of the evaluation result and it is implemented in the form of individual sessions with specific schedule.